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Kouzmanoff Bainton Architects was formed in 1992 as a reorganization of the office of Alexander Kouzmanoff, F.A.I.A., by the firm's principals, Jan Kouzmanoff and Kenneth Bainton. The new principals have had 30 years combined experience with the parent firm and have had major roles in realizing most of its work.

The new office has benefited from this experience, and since 1992, we have continued to provide design services for institutional and commercial clients. Our high level of personal service is due to the direct attention of both partners to client and project needs. An experienced and self-directed staff complements the principals' involvement at each stage, enabling our practice to produce projects in a timely and efficient manner without sacrificing the quality of the work. Our firm believes that successful design requires not only inspiration, but also a clear understanding of client aspirations, a thorough attention to detail and perseverance during the construction phase. We believe these convictions have resulted in completed projects that are humane, spirited and functional, and which reflect our mutual goals of design excellence and dedicated personal service.

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