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Keystone Architectural Services is a small, personalized full-serviced firm, committed to professional, high quality design, delivered on time and within budget.

Located in Delmar, New York, Keystone Architectural Services has provided clients in the Capital District with high quality architectural and design/build architectural services since 1992. Keystone has designed a wide variety of building types, including: schools, office buildings, medical arts, recreational, industrial, and mercantile facilities, museums, and single- and multi- family homes.

William F. Matuszek, R.A., principal, prides himself on his history of success, built by his ability to work with and carefully listen to each of his clients. At Keystone Architectural Services, they believe that you must work with your clients' ideas, desires, and budget, to create a successful project. Thus, the client remains at the center throughout the design process. It is not their philosophy to begin each new project with the intention of winning a design award; nor does Keystone dictate design to clients. Understanding the importance of consensus, Keystone can provide graphic materials so that all individuals in the decision-making process completely comprehend any designs being presented.

Exterior and interior design are studied and coordinated by Keystone so they will function properly as well as be aesthetically pleasing. Building Materials and mechanical systems are selected for durability and cost-effiency. The life safety of the occupants and visitors are kept at highest priority throughout the project design process. All designs produced comply with New York State Uniform Building Code, provisions of the American with Disabilities Act, and local codes and ordinances.

Quality of service does not end for Keystone when the drawings are complete; it continues throughout the construction process. Materials, requisitions for payment, quality of workmanship, and construction progress are monitiored so the client receives the materials and workmanship specified. Keystone also submits field reports to the client so that the client is kept up to date on the progress of the work.

Keystone Architectural Services takes a great deal of pride in each of its projects and can proudly say that any of its past clients can be contacted for a recommendation. References can be furnished on request.

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