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DWL Architects + Planners is a planning and design firm whose many projects have contributed to Arizona's built environment for over 50 years. The Phoenix-based practice has developed a deep appreciation for its unique desert locale, and by focusing on regional architectural solutions, DWL can be properly classified as design specialists who know the needs of the Southwest.

Because of the opportunities presented by its rapidly expanding urban hub, DWL is recognized for its expertise in the design of large public buildings. The firm has been fortunate to participate in some of the most complex and architecturally significant projects in the Phoenix metropolitan area - projects recognized locally, nationally and internationally. Moreover, DWL projects have become outstanding representations of their building types.

The Burton Barr Phoenix Central Library and Glendale's Foothills Library have won a combined twelve regional, national and international awards

Midwestern University's Glendale Campus is the flagship for the osteopathic medical school's expansion to the southwest, while DWL contributions to Arizona State University have lent regional flair and vision to a century-old institution.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport's Terminal 4 serves an estimated 15 million travelers annually, in a facility that has been called "the best airport to be stuck in" by Inc. magazine.

The upcoming Mesa Arts and Entertainment Center promises to transform the downtown of an established East Valley city with a world-class entertainment facility.

The large scale complexity of these varied projects has refined DWL's capability to respond effectively to diverse requirements. Their ability to adapt to shifting user demographics, institutional trends and technology infrastructure needs - while identifying programmatic similarities - has translated to efficient design responses that take the marriage of function and form to new heights.

DWL is dedicated to creating architecture which will meet the demands of its climate, the needs of the client, and the highest standards of timeless aesthetic quality. The firm strives with each project to create architecture which not only celebrates our place in the Southwest, but becomes a creative response of responding to the needs of the public that we work to serve.

DWL offers continually evolving, comprehensive services to respond to an ever-changing world.

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