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Eifler & Associates, Inc. is an architectural firm that concentrates on achieving a balance of both new design and restoration projects. The firm was founded in 1990 and enjoys a variety of commercial, institutional, and residential work. The success of the firm can be attributed to the collective experience of the individuals of the firm and the promotion of the following principles:

A Clear Design Process: All projects, regardless of size, are developed through a series of schemes or alternates which are used as a vehicle to define programmatic and user needs as well as budgetary constraints.

Team Approach: Eifler & Associates strives to promote the active involvement of the Owner and Contractor at all phases of project development and construction. The participation of a contractor and/or pricing consultant at the design phase of a project is particularly valuable.

Craft & Detail: Experience with a variety of building types and architectural vocabularies has led to an understanding of both traditional and current building technologies. Every project is conceived with a respect for traditional building techniques and the manner in which they can be used to respond to the context of the site and regional climatic conditions.

Conservation: In the process of design and building we consider conservation of natural resources to be a great priority and actively strive to utilize materials and building techniques which minimize harmful effects to our clients and the environment. We strive to specify energy - conservation techniques and building materials into all projects.

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