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Merged into one institution in 1996, MCTC was looking to create an identity for itself as an institution as well as solve functional problems and create new instructional space for its growing Customized Training program. The result was this new facility located at the front door of the college.

Located on Hennipen Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, MCTC was a campus with its back turned towards the city. The cluster of 5 buildings presented solid brick masses to one of the most prominent and busiest streets in the downtown. As such, the college set a goal of creating a more welcoming “front door” for the campus. To accomplish this, the new facility presents two full glass faces to Hennipen Avenue as a gesture to open up the campus and its academic heart – the library- to the city and its people.

Built in 1985, the existing library had served its purpose and outgrown its facilities. Its location, at the back of the campus, was also inconvenient for students, staff and the general public. In addition, the library has now developed into a significant part of the curriculum of the college through its courses in Library Studies. The new facility brings the library to the front of the campus and more than doubles its size. New specialized classrooms were developed for the Library Studies program to support the expanding enrollment of the college and the program. The open, multi story library gives MCTC room to expand as well as comfortable and efficient space to learn.

Topping off the building are a series of classrooms and seminar rooms that give the college a technology rich environment for general classroom teaching as well as the flexibility to support the Customized Training program for local businesses. Customized Training is focused on giving businesses the resources and capabilities to provide close proximity training for their employees working downtown. This partnership connects the college to the community and builds workers skills in a rapidly changing workplace.

To see live images of the construction of this project, go to the MCTC Web Cam

Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Libra

Minneapolis, Minnesota

A 64,000 SF addition to the existing 5 building campus will provide MCTC with an open, visible library at the front door of the college. In addition, it will provide classrooms and seminar rooms for general instruction and customized learning.

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Client: Minnesota State College and Universities

Size (sf): 64,000

Cost: $9,000,000

Completed: 2002

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