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Boxwood's reputation for excellence springs from our ability to develop holistic design solutions for discerning clients willing to invest in a process of education and discovery. Our work is intentionally diverse, and our approach has been proven on a variety of project types and scopes. Among the many architectural projects we have completed are cultural, interpretive, transit, community center, recreation, institutional, commercial, medical, and residential facilities. This extensive experience is assurance that we do not rely on stereotypical conclusions to address unique problems. We believe in achieving design solutions that are precisely right in terms of specific project requirements. We accomplish this through open discussion, honest evaluation of goals and priorities, accurate cost estimating, incorporation of public input, effective project management, and an unbiased design approach. Boxwood is also committed to sustainable design. We continuously research and update our knowledge of materials, products, and processes that include recycled content, are non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. We strive to remain at the forefront of the movement to incorporate innovative and energy efficient systems in our designs. We seek to preserve to the fullest extent possible the natural features of sites, and give careful consideration to the incorporation of landscape elements. At Boxwood, we consider conservation and preservation of the world's dwindling natural resources an integral responsibility of designers and of paramount importance in our project approach.

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