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Holleran Duitsman Architects, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a multidisciplined, professional design firm specializing in architecture, planning, and interior design. Over the years, HDAI has gained considerable recognition for the design and development of a wide range of commercial projects including office complexes, business parks, retail centers, and industrial, educational, and medical facilities. The firm has an outstanding portfolio of completed projects totaling more than 20 million square feet in 18 states, at a value of over $1 billion.

From the beginning, Holleran Duitsman has aligned their pursuits around relationships and technical expertise. There has also been a deep understanding of and familiarity with, proven processes and methologies required to achieve winning results.

Comrehensive Services......

* Architecture * Engineering * Interior Design * Master Planning * Real Estate Development * Facilities Planning * Program Management * Construction Management * Furniture/Equipment Procurement * Value Engineering

Project Management......

For the benefit of the Owner, Developer, Professional Service Providers, and Contractors, our projects are always managed in an environment of:

* Fairness, honesty, and integrity * Teamwork with a participatory atmosphere * Personalized services * Continuing customer service after management * Enter every opportunity with a spirit of communication and innovation

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