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I am not interested in architectural styles. I believe it is more meaningful for architecture to have style than to be of a particular style. Styles come and go, but an architecture that is organic can be timeless.

Organic implies orderly growth. I think of my architecture as organic in that ideas grow from the seed of a clients needs and desires, and the limitations or potentials of the site. I seek first a cohesive conceptual idea, which becomes the framework within which all tributary decisions are made. Order, clarity and harmony are the goals. The look of the architecture is a product of the individual uniqueness of the client.

Abstraction is a natural outcome when familiar components of a traditional architectural style are set aside. The real sense for the enjoyment of architecture is not the eyes, but emotion. When we are willing to give up the comfort of the familiar features of tradition, then can we come upon the subjective spirit, which is the promise of organic creativity in architecture.

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