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Founded in 1970 as a Kansas City, Missouri architectural firm, BNIM has built a reputation for thoughtful and responsive design, thorough technical competence, and fair and conscientious service. Because of the professional performance of the firm and the civic activity of the firm's leaders, BNIM is established as a Kansas City presence and has been entrusted with many of the areas most significant public and private building projects.

BNIM has a diverse and knowledgeable staff of 65 individuals. With more than 29 years continuous experience as a firm, BNIM's extensive project background includes corporate and speculative office buildings, school and university facilities, hotels and conference centers, housing of many types, recreational facilities, federal, state and municipal buildings, urban design, and a variety of commercial and institutional projects.

With offices in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, and in Overland Park, Kansas, BNIM provides a range of services including, but not limited to, pre-design programming and analysis, interior design and space planning, traditional architectural and engineering services, construction-related services, facility planning and management, urban design, and development planning. These services may be integrated into a comprehensive package of BNIM architectural services or may function independently.

BNIM's mission is to always improve the quality of life for the owner, user, and surrounding community. We seek to respond specifically and uniquely to the social, economic, and environmental needs of clients with the buildings and design concepts that offer spirit as well as efficiency. The process, and ultimately the product, are the result of a collaboration of capable, conscientious individuals who like what they do and find reward working with and serving clients. Without exception, the foundation of our success over the past quarter of a century is the individual -- client and designer -- who finds purpose in helping create works of extraordinary quality and utility.

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