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Established in 1974, Long & Associates offers complete Architectural & Engineering services with design solutions created specifically for each and every client. Our commissions are large and small, public and private, new and historic. We have no preconceptions and no single style. We seek only what is appropriate to our clients and go out of our way to enhance existing conditions. Our work is devoted to the pursuit of responsible and sensitive design as we are governed by appropriateness and context. In some cases our designs are bold, intimate in others. The diversity of styles evident in our work represents a range of responses to client requirements, not a variety of views about architecture. We work closely with our clients to provide for their needs and have tailored our Project Management process to build consensus at every stage. As a result, we are known for quality design that starts with thoughtful strategic planning and ends with quality construction. We offer each project the qualities of "firmness, commodity and delight" promoting a technical soundness, program functionality and an integrated architectural beauty.

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