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RIM Architects was founded in 1986 as Larry S. Cash, Architects and later evolved into Cash Barner Architects. In 1987, Larry Cash extended his design practice to Guam where he acquired ownership of a small firm that had been established in the late 50s. This office became known as HNC Architects and was staffed with associates from Alaska, who evolved into its owners.

In 1995, the firm established an office in Honolulu, Hawaii. And in 2000, all three offices expanded ownership to several of its long-term employees, and with this evolution of leadership, RIM Architects was born. RIM established its San Francisco office in 2001.

RIM has further expanded with its acquisition of a minority ownership interest in Interior Space Design, now known as RIM Design.

The RIM family of companies, which includes over 100 individuals, has the breadth and depth of experience to respond to the most challenging of design commissions for projects of any type, scale or complexity. Our common goal is to achieve excellent architectural Results with IMagination.

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