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In twenty-six years of practice, Schwartz/Silver Architects has earned a national reputation for the quality of its design work. Although the firm has been recognized with many prestigious awards and reviews in the architectural press, it has consistently avoided cultivating a house style that identifies every project as its own – the normal requirement for such recognition. Schwartz/Silver believes that even the style of a finished project should be so essential to the identity of the client, and to the particularities of each situation, that it cannot be imported from outside, or sold “off-the-shelf.” Truly successful design, design which best achieves the goals of a project, is the result of a collaborative dialogue between architect and client: a development process informed by the insights and experience of each participating party.

To facilitate this process, the thirty person firm has developed communication tools to make the options involved in architectural design accessible and easy to understand. Where many building projects for cultural and educational institutions also need to be promoted to potential donors and funding agencies, and commercial developments need approval from local authorities and community groups, these tools, including well developed renderings and models, bring additional benefits.

Schwartz/Silver’s clients are not from any single specialty but each one is a leader within its chosen field: universities, museums, corporations, retailers, libraries, city governments. Each one sees the quality of its building design as a key component in achieving its objectives. The breadth of Schwartz/Silver’s experience, in working with this caliber of client in all these different fields, allows the firm a fresh approach to problem-solving that is not available to a narrow specialist.

The multiplicity of the firm’s clients and project types is well reflected in the diversity of its design solutions: the firm’s buildings are just as different from each other as its clients are. The firm's consistency is in its high design standards and the application of its working process.

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