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Tom Hackett has been designing a wide variety of projects in Hawaii for over 30 years. His many successful projects include over 200 residences, remodeled buildings, dental clinics, restaurants, and retail store interiors.

Tom provides complete architectural services, and personally designs and drafts all projects to provide design solutions that work well for each project’s specific goals. Tom’s personal attention to each project and it’s many details assures professional quality service in all areas of the project, such as conceptual design, feasibility studies, detailing the design, and getting through the red tape of permit processing. Then, during construction, Tom’s mechanical and creative abilities result in successful design decisions on the spot.

His residential projects have made up the bulk of his work and have ranged from new custom luxury homes to modest additions & alterations. Tom’s creative design solutions and “nuts & bolts” experience are particularly valuable in remodeling. He has won awards in the Parade of Homes and been featured in Island Home magazine and Hawaii Remodeling magazine.

Tom guides his clients to build within their budget so the project truly benefits their long-term interests. Tom is responsive to clients’ special needs and interests and is easily accessible for consultation on their projects.

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