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The SSP Architectural Group is an architectural and planning firm based in Somerville, New Jersey.

Founded in 1891 by Peter C. Van Nuys, one of the state's first licensed architects, SSP is the longest operating architectural firm in the state of New Jersey. Throughout its long history; SSP has focused on serving educational, higher education, corporate, and religious structures throughout central and northern New Jersey. Currently, our firm is a team of 32 professionals, including 9 licensed architects.

What distinguishes the SSP Architectural Group is our dedication to providing our clients with the following "core values" on each and every project:

Facility planning... SSP will design in accordance with a client's master plan and in response to meeting the client's top priority needs and objectives.

Delivering projects on time and within budget, every time... SSP will continue its stellar track record of completing major projects within the project budget and completing projects on time.

Good design... SSP will provide a design that focuses on solving the top facility challenges for that client in a fiscally responsive manner.

Technology... SSP will embrace technology; not as an end in itself, but as a tool to assist our clients in meeting their educational facility goals.

Construction services... SSP will respond to a client's need for enhanced construction services by providing additional services and/or working partnership with a construction management firm.

By dedicating ourselves to providing these core values to our clients in each and every project, the SSP Architectural Group has achieved a reputation throughout New Jersey as a firm that can be counted on to provide dependable, professional architectural and planning services.

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