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O v e r v i e w:

Scott DeVere Architecture is a full service Architecture firm, with a diverse experience of project designs involving building conversions, renovations, and new construction. The approach to each project is based on satisfying and synthesizing many conditions: client objectives, site conditions, budget, ecological soundness and aesthetic appropriateness. Principle Scott DeVere combines 11 years construction experience with an emphasis on original design concepts. The results are inventive solutions that are well informed in terms of the realities and limitations of construction.

SDA has completed a wide range of project types, including: residential, retail, gallery, office/commercial, historic preservation and adaptive reuse.

We take the considerations of peoples lives and business intentions, as well as all phases of the design and building process very seriously. Our clients get the best in terms of efficient, creative solutions, clarity of documentation, and overseeing of construction.

I n t e g r a t e d D e s i g n:

Earth friendly / people friendly solutions for residential and commercial interiors, additions, and new construction.

SDA is committed to long term design solutions that integrate people's objectives, interests, and lifestyles with strong environmental consideration given to energy-efficient methods and sustainable product selection. We build value for the present and the future.

Green Goals for designs that reflect who people and businesses are.

A r c h i t e c t u r a l S e r v i c e s:

D e s i g n:

• Commercial, residential, institutional • Interior renovations • Building renovations and upgrades, interior / exterior • New construction • Environmentally sustainable product and material selection, energy efficient methods and systems

B u i l d i n g M a i n t e n a n c e:

• Consulting to building owners and coop/condo boards to review building structural, weather ability, energy efficiency etc. conditions and propose solutions and alternatives. • Prepare specifications and/or construction documents for work to be done. • Meet with contractors to review work and review pricing bids, negotiate contracts and assist owner(s) in selecting a contractor. • Oversee construction to maintain compliance with construction documents.

B u i l d i n g D e p a r t m e n t S e r v i c e s:

• Complete filing services for new construction, renovations and maintenance work, residential and commercial. • Determine code compliance status of existing properties • Preparation of drawings, specifications and applications for filing with NYC Department of Buildings.

U n i t A l t e r a t i o n R e v i e w:

• Consulting to building owners and condo / coop boards to review tenant or shareholder commercial or residential alteration / renovation proposals. • Advise owners and boards as to proposal's compliance with bylaws and building code, and structural, mechanical and construction issues. • Assist owner's prospective tenants with space planning analysis for their needs.

P u b l i c a t i o n s:

Architectural Record / Design and Interiors Magazine, Brazil / Oculus, AIA-New York / Newsline, Columbia University / Arts Voice, Columbia University / Metropolis Magazine / Dance Ink Magazine / New York Times / Village Voice, New York / Columbus Monthly Magazine / Columbus Dispatch / Interiors & Sources Magazine

A w a r d s:

Envisioning East New York, Urban Design Competition Phase II Development 1995 / Urban House Design Competition, Columbus Ohio Honorable Mention 1994 / Young Architects Forum Competition, Architecture League of NY Winner 1990 / Technical University of Nova Scotia Building Design Competition Honorable Mention 1990

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