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Tina Govan is an architect presently working in Raleigh, North Carolina and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her past work, however, is spread around the globe and includes public and private projects with Atelier Zo of Hokkaido, Japan; Kanda Associates Architects, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts; the Peace Corps in Liberia, West Africa; as well as local work in her home states of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Influenced strongly by her experiences in Japan, she works to integrate building and landscape, seeing the site as much larger than the area defined by the property lines, and to develop a range of indoor/outdoor spaces (amai moko or ambiguous spaces) to mediate between inside and outside. She seeks to integrate building and environment also in terms of energy usage, daylighting, and the use of indigenous materials. Listening carefully to the site, and just as importantly, to the client gives form to her designs.

Her design interests include humble buildings such as sheds and outbuildings as well as more elaborate structures, believing good design is possible for projects and budgets of all sizes. In uncovering the unique character of a place, she often finds inspiration in the ordinary, in local vernacular structures that have evolved in a particular place over time.

Ms. Govan received her Bachelor degree from the North Carolina State University School of Design and her Masters of Architecture from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

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