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Long-timers, newcomers, and travelers alike find Sun Valley one of the country’s most congenial places to live and visit. The area mountains combine unspoiled nature with unexpected culture. You are surrounded by prime opportunities for skiing, hiking, cycling, camping, rafting, fly-fishing, tennis, golf, or simply reveling in natural beauty. Yet when you hunger for civic amenities and cultural necessities there are theater, music, art festivals, fine dining and shopping. Here, “the best of both worlds” is not a cliché, but a way of life.

Sun Valley, Idaho is consistently cited as one of the nation’s best spots for retirement, second homes, or relocation. Many of the “second” homes become “first”, as owners seek change from their busy city-life. As an architect, I have been fortunate to help numerous people to build their dream home in Sun Valley. To have the project fitted to order, to suit one’s individual interests and dreams makes building a custom house all worth it! Having a really good house in one of the most beautiful places on Earth is one of life’s great pleasures.

Architects often have a reputation for imposing their particular design philosophy on clients, which I try to avoid. It is more important to me to nurture my client's style and work with them improving on it, making it the best. I extract information from how my clients live, what they like and try to help define the style they truly seek, to think beyond exterior fashion alone. In the beginning, drawings go through a lot of changes. After several sketches and "massaging" of the floor plans to suit the need, siting the house on the property, styling and materials come in the works.

With the rise in building material costs and labor, it is now more important than ever to keep the construction expenses within the set budget. Building and maintaining a house is no cheaper here than anywhere and I work closely with my clients at keeping construction costs at bay. My most important cost-saving approach is in the effort to stress building costs in the earliest discussions with the client. Typically, an overall budget is developed at the first or second meeting. I view economic constraints as a spur to design quality, not as a restriction...to me, an unlimited budget can actually be a problem. I encourage the clients to consider alternative energy systems and state-of-art building materials and I stay current with new energy developments. Energy conservation and the use of 250+ days of sunshine per year in Sun Valley must be considered on every project.

Another factor that comes to mind is planning for the future. If the house that I design is intended to be passed on to children or resold, I like to emphasize long-term function and investment potential. I believe that a functional and logical design is a key to a happy house, built to last through generations. Resale value of home must be a consideration to keep in mind at the design stage. Are you spending too much or too little? Although overbuilding in Sun Valley sounds like an oxymoron, it still needs to be factored into the initial design. That’s just common sense.

I like to tailor my design effort to the local building talent and over many years in home design business here have worked with some of the best builders in the Valley. The design standards among the architects and high construction ethics and craftsmanship in the building trade in Sun Valley are among the best in the world and I am proud to be a part of this elite team.


We are a young, dynamic architectural firm who over the past 17 years has been fortunate to design some of the finest homes in and around Sun Valley area. One of our latest projects will be featured in the cover article of the upcoming Sun Valley Magazine's Home edition (see link below).


We are located in Ketchum on Warm Springs Road, yet we are not limited to local work only and currently hold active architectural licenses in California, Nevada, Idaho and Colorado; working in any other state is a simple matter of formality for active NCARB certified architects.


We work on projects ranging from small residential room additions to new commercial office buildings; from very basic “builder packages” to full bid and construction coordination projects. There is no “small” or “big” job, just a project that meets the clients’ needs, time and budget and provides years of enjoyment to them and their families. We do not have a signature style, we like to mold our designs to the particular client’s preferences and activities. Client-participation is an elemental factor in all our designs, it is the only way building can reflect the client's needs accurately. We pride ourselves on the ability to see projects through others’ eyes.


All of our designs are one a kind custom homes, no two homes are alike; from site selection for the new home to creating that “perfect” ambience for the family room, we always have our clients’ wishes in mind and we are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ lives through personal attention to most minute details. Also, we do not take on more work than we can handle to guarantee our availability to the client and builder.


We would be happy to meet with you to discuss any project you may have in mind. All our initial meeting and consultations are complimentary and we would be glad to help you out in site selection or any other architecturally related matter. Please do not hesitate to call, however large or small the project.

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