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The proposed Parachut Pavilion creates a community and tourist destination by providing 4,100 ft2 of public terraces that overlook the ocean, the Parachute Jump and the Boardwalk. The terrace is accessed by two large open-air stairs that create a new public space – similar to the steps in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art - for people to meet and relax or for street performances to occur. An open-air café engages the boardwalk, and a store and restaurant are located within the building. The gallery/event space is highly visible via its location on the terrace. With stunning ocean views, private balcony and private roof terrace, the gallery provides a unique location for events.

The proposed Pavilion demonstrates that environmentally responsible development can be cost effective, while creating a financially viable project that will benefit the community for years to come - A proposal that works in the real world, beyond the competition board. To this end, a schematic life-cycle analysis was incorporated into the design process, which determined the proposed Pavilion would generate a monthly profit of over $11,000. Over 30 years, this totals more than $4,000,000 which could be used for community revitalization efforts. In addition, the building would consume 70% less electricity than a similarly sized building. Moreover, the Pavilion generates 52% of its required electricity with 800 ft2 of photo-voltaic panels and 122 micro wind-turbines that harness Coney Island’s wind.

The proposed Parachute Pavilion was conceived as a strategy - not a fixed design. This approach, make it possible to easily adjust the proposal to accommodate the demands and requirements of building a public project without sacrificing the goals of this competition.

Parachute Pavilion Competition

Coney Island, New York

Submission for the international Parachute Pavilion Competition

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Size (sf): 8000

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