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This 5,500 square foot summer home was designed to embrace the style and spirit of its Northeast Harbor century-old architectural community. A generously scaled entry hall and living room open to an expansive stone terrace, porch, and lawn areas; a live-in kitchen includes a comfortable sitting area, breakfast corner, and fireplace. At once rambling and ordered, the house fosters informal summer living within a gracious atmosphere. True to its historic Shingle Style antecedents, this residence was conceived and detailed with traditional elements to achieve a timeless quality. This included the incorporation of three historic architectural-salvage mantlepieces used in the interior. To not compromise the vintage character, the architect arranged for invisible accommodation of modern amenities and systems; a photovoltaic array and extra thick exterior walls contribute to responsible energy use.

Northeast Harbor Estate

Northeast Harbor, Maine

Photography: © Darren Setlow

Size (sf): 5,500

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