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Poticny Deering Felder, PC

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This firm seeks out clients who desire, and expect, an intense level of involvement with their architect. The resulting product is a carefully detailed and well-executed personal home, professional office, restaurant or church. Our method of delivering this product requires that we listen to the ownerÂ’s desires and respond to their input. Every project we produce is unique, and the result of that collaborative approach. We do not design using a formula or by rearranging items we have successfully used in the past. The process can be time consuming, but we want every client to be awed by the project they helped to produce and we want to tell other people, with pride, that we designed their building.

The principals are actively involved in all aspects of the design process—including the drawing and specification phases. We are acutely aware of materials and processes that are successfully incorporated into the built environment in our unique region of the country. The established relationship we have with general and sub-contractors in our area also helps us to bring off successful construction projects. We welcome the contractor into our collaborative design process at the earliest practical moment.

Mission Statement

Poticny Deering Felder is a specialty firm dedicated to creating unique, high-profile projects for discriminating clients. The designers explore new and creative ways to bring their clients' dreams to fruition through an intense collaboration with the owner. Projects can be period specific or cutting edge. We specialize in professional offices, churches and special residences.

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