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An urban, desert, multi-family residential environment. The Duke respresents a forward thinking approach to urban life.

Located near Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona, the site is set between a series of randomly built structures. Industrial properties lie to the east and south and while residential is located to the west and north. The modern, pure building cuts a clean sharp edge through the randomly built environment of the surrounding area.

Compressing various functions into individual, yet related spaces and allowing the character of each space to define the others, the building was formed. Compact and efficient, emphasis was placed on sustainable design through successfully participating in Scottsdale's Residential Green Building Program.

The overriding concept is the relationship between community and individuality. The Duke's intent is to express individuality as a singular building with eight individual homeowners, while promoting community through architectural transparency at the second floor.

The Duke

Scottsdale, Arizona

8 attached townhomes three stories each with a one car garage.

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Size (sf): 13,500 sf

Completed: 2006

Awards: 2008 National AIA Housing Award, 2008 RADA Grand Award, 2006 AIA Western Mountain Region Distinguished Building Award, 2006 AIA Arizona Distinguished Building Award

Published In: Item Magazine Spring 2006

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