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The Oasis School House prescribes a cost effective, prefabricated prototype for sustainable community development across the globe. The need to provide people with fresh drinking water, healthcare, education and electricity remains at the forefront of the agenda since the Earth Summit of 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. This project speculates a direct response to those continuing needs. It provides for year round, off-the-grid operation and generates surplus water, oxygen, hydrogen and electricity at any possible climate zone on the globe.   Employing the module of a 28' shipping container, the entire edifice can be readily deployed to the most remote locations on Earth. A total of five (5) containers provide the structural foundation. Each container serves a specific "systems" function housing components for power generation (PEMRFC), Hydrogen Storage (carbon lined tank), potable water storage, thermal control (radiant floor heat distribution, electrical inverters, air conditioning and refrigeration) and building components (structure, panels, casework, light tubes, curtain wall, etc.) The containers are pre-engineered and remain fixed with service access through the floor above. Once these components are assembled, they provide a framework in which readily available local infill materials and flooring are used to complete the structure. In addition, an underground cistern will collect and aid in recycling all available gray water for site and agricultural irrigation. The various sub-systems expanded and arranged according to passive design strategies accomplish multiple objectives towards reducing thermal energy loads throughout the year.   As determined by population, additional classrooms, health centers and municipal units could be coupled to form a sustainable community development, which can function as a local utility with a surplus of site generated fresh water, hydrogen, oxygen, and electricity.

Oasis School House and Community Center

Modular Classroom, Health Clinic, Community Center, Produce Market, Local Utility

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Completed: 2002

Published In: UIC Gallery 400 / DBA - Speculative Chicago - A Compendium of Architectural Innovation

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