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Pre-Design Services

*Environmental Analysis *Zoning Ordinance Analysis *Land Use Analysis *Feasibility Analysis *3D Allowable Bulk Diagrams *Pro forma Information *3D Massing Studies *3D Stacking Diagrams

Conceptual Design Package

*Program Development *Presentation Site / Floor Plans *Rendered Elevations *Tabulated Zoning / Bulk Data

Architecture Services

*Zoning Review Submittals *Appearance Review Submittals *Preliminary Budget Review *Schematic Design Documents *MEPS Consultant Management *Design Development Documents *Permit Drawing Submittals *Construction Documents *Bidding and Negotiation

Construction Services

*General Contractor Selection *Shop Drawing/Substitutions Review *Project Manual Administration *Periodic Field Observation *Photographic Progress Records

Additional Services

*Rendered Perspectives *Virtual Animations *Physical Models *Graphic Design

Design + Architecture + Construction


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