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This beautiful office building was designed to fulfill the vision of the New York School Boards Association; a contempory design utilizing elements of early 20th century school design. Highly visible from the Adirondack Northway, this unique structure stands out from the atandard "box" buildings being designed in the area today.

Completed as a turn key project, this four-story, 60,000 square foot structure is built into the side of a hill, allowing the building's lower level to have at-grade access from the rear, which is ideal for daily building deliveries and for the owner's desire to have a private outdoor patio.

Once again on this project, Keystone's skills in designing interor space to meet extensive fit-up requirements, resulted in a building which provides the owner and tenants with the most functional space.

New York State School Boards Association

Latham, New York

Four Story, 60,000 SF Office building

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Client: New York School Boards Association

Size (sf): 60,000

Cost: $6 million

Completed: 2001

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