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Gawron Turgeon Architects was established by Stan Gawron on the sound principles of providing quality and timely service for our clients; creating professional opportunities for our staff and committing to design excellence for each and every project. With a strong belief in empowering the staff with design decisions and client contact, the firm has grown from two professionals in 1983 designing small commercial projects to 22 staff members today, designing multi-million dollar facilities for a diverse client base. The success of our firm was further ensured through the efforts of Mary Turgeon, who joined the firm in 1986 as a designer, and was made full partner in 1997, directing the interior design and financial planning departments.

Our talented staff of professionals offers diverse experience in master planning, landscape architecture, architecture, creative interior design and lighting design. We have an efficient and creative approach to spatial problem solving and in-depth knowledge of technical construction systems, allowing us to design any building type need within our clientsÂ’ time frame and budget.

Each discipline is supported by personnel dedicated to seeing that our design projects are constructed according to plan and that they meet the owner's requirements. We follow through, without hesitation, on all our projects until full acceptance is acquired.

While each team possesses extensive capabilities in the traditional aspects of its discipline, our "all one team" philosophy represents a proven strength that is particularly important in today's increasingly complex design projects. We offer the advantage of being an integrated firm, utilizing the expertise of a variety of professionals to ensure that our solutions are not only of the highest architectural quality, but also take into account related design issues of siting, interiors, user needs, and landscape. The flexibility and responsiveness afforded by multiple capabilities and linked through a cooperative approach has proven to be the distinguishing advantage when site and building design issues span a number of disciplines, regulations, and local issues.

Gawron Turgeon Architects' greatest asset is its staff -- professionals with high levels of education, commitment, and experience. As a result of the strength of our design team, we continually focus on providing solutions, rather than on extended design studies.

Technical projects are supported by state of the art computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) equipment and other computer technologies to produce plans and specifications. These systems, combined with our in-house construction review, project management, and build-out experience, allow us to perform or manage effectively each phase of a project, from site analysis and agency approvals through design and construction to owner's acceptance.

As a key to maintaining our high standard of performance, Gawron Turgeon Architects has developed comprehensive internal quality control programs, utilizing senior-level reviews during each project to ensure that the work progress reflects the "best professional judgment." We routinely involve our clients in the review process throughout a project to acquire approvals and to provide valuable input.

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