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H+M Architects/Engineering History, Philosophy and Services

H+M A/E is an engineering company that has grown over the its past 35 years within an environment of providing a multiple matrix of engineering services within a total project approach which we call “Single Source Solution”. In our approach, we develop a partnership early in the project between our client’s in-house assets and the appropriate set of H+M Company expertise. This partnership allows us to provide our clients with an efficient, cost effective means of delivering the project on time and under budget while meeting the specific project objectives. This is a successful approach that we have utilized on manufacturing, distribution and commercial/office projects. The integration of a company providing design services within this type of environment has allowed and demanded us to be sensitive to the entire process involved in the capitalization of a project.

Specifically, we have leaned the meaning and importance of: · A total project team with common goal and objectives. · Proactive value engineering. · Company and project systems and procedures required for success. · Schedule fast tracking. · Knowledge of distribution and industrial processes and how to integrate a facility around them.

Through our “Think, Create and Support” circle of continuous improvement, we provide our existing and new customers value added design services.

This “Value Added” is most visible in our ability to deal with the complexity of projects that demand multiple tasking and coordination of this tasking into a comprehensive decision making process. Very often when the project is approached sequentially (which is typical of most traditional A/E firms without construction experience), rather than globally, decisions are made based on isolated facets of the project and the ramifications of those decisions on subsequent aspects of the project may not be recognized. It has been our experience that 80% of the cost, schedule, and function of a project are determined by decisions made during the first 20% of the project. Our solution to project delivery gives you the most comprehensive and coordinated data to use when making these decisions. Because our company has a 35 year history of being involved in all aspects of a project from beginning to the end, it provides us with “real world” and “hands-on” knowledge and experience in the early stages of a project that allow major decisions to be made with confidence; thereby, recognizing real cost savings when its most important, at the beginning of the project.

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