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The new 59,000 square foot Airborne and Special Operations Museum, designed to preserve and interpret the history of all U.S. Airborne forces, contains exhibit spaces, a large-screen theatre, gift shop, storage/conservation areas, workshop, and conference and administrative spaces. Unique features include a separate “Simulator” theatre with a parabolic (wrap-around) projection screen and motorized seating. Significant structural achievements include the suspension of several large aircraft from the ceiling of the exhibit space. The exposed steel structure reflects the form of the “jump towers” used by paratroopers during training.

Exhibit design provided by Design and Production Incorporated.

Airborne & Special Operations Museum

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Photography: ©

Client: Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation

Size (sf): 59,000

Completed: 2000

Awards: 2001 Star Award - Construction Professionals Network of NC; 2000 Pinnacle Award - Carolinas AGC; 1994 Merit Award - American Institute of Architects (Piedmont & Winston-Salem Sections)

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