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Originally designed in 1896 by Daniel Burnham, Eifler & Associates was retained by the Kenard Corporation to restore the interior lobby of the adaptively re-used skyscraper. The steel frame terra cotta clad building has now been converted into an upscale apartment building. In past years the south lobby had been separated from the east lobby by several small store. These lobbies were restored to their original configuration. Accretions covering the storefronts on the ground level were removed and the windows restored. The scope of work included removal of non-historic material, restoration of the elevators, historic floors and walls.

The Fisher Building

Chicago, Illinois

Lobby restoration of a Daniel Burnham Building

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Completed: 2001

Awards: AIA Distinctive Building Award 2001, Chicago Landmark Award for Preservation Excellence, 2001 Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois 2001

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