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The NAMBIES* Competition was organized by Coconut Grove Residents that had become frustrated with the tear down of homes in the Coconut Grove area for the sake of building McMansions. They wanted to sponsor a competition to find an elegant and appropriate alternative to the McMansion invasion.

"Sometimes, the future is the past. Not living in it, but perpetuating the essence of a significant but vanishing quality. That memory resides subconsciously, or perhaps embedded in an object, song, quote or photograph, until the moment is right for a new kebyar.

Everything; every thought, every feeling, every emotion, every idea, every atom... already exists. We discover them again. Recycle them. Maybe reconfigure them... hopefully enhancing without loosing that essence.

This is one such moment / thought / reconfiguration which manifests the significant essence of a life(style) where artist meets banker in tropical living, where sheik meets fly but... you must look hard for it because it has quietly disappeared into a lush landscape. Therein lies that essence. Obfuscated... but not lost, ready to bloom again.

* Neighbors Against McMansions; Big Invasive Eye Sores

NAMBIES Competition

Coconut Grove, Florida

Submission to the NAMBIES Competition

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Completed: 2004

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