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This project exemplifies Organtech Architecture by synthesizing copper, corrugated metal, stainless steel, stained concrete, exposed masonry, heavy timber and impact glass in a distinctly contemporary order - creating a tangible, stimulating, comfortable and intimate setting. Abstract relationships between solid and void are used to dissolve the visual / psychological barrier between interior and exterior - surfaces have been articulated to enhance that dissolution - materials are revealed in light such that shelter becomes art by acknowledging and complimenting nature. Interest is engaged and held through one's perception of the rhythm, balance, harmony and cohesiveness of relationships and detail - not expensive materials and applied ornamentation, but complex sensory interaction. It is Modern Architecture that not only avoids the most common criticism thereof - to harsh, to cold, to sterile, not livable - but allows itself to push for an extreme while still exuding peace, inspiration and serenity

From any location in the house one can see / experience the stand of oaks around which the house is organized. The 1/4 acre property is located in a natural oak hammock just minutes from downtown Ft. Lauderdale. The design was woven into the existing landscaping while eliminating only 1 of the 31 existing trees - and that tree was replaced with six others. The native trees were supplemented with with native shrubbery and ground cover specifically chosen as habitat for fauna which includes butterflies, 44 positively identified bird species, possums, squirrels, snakes, raccoons and red tail fox... and has been certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

The house was designed with a sustainable consciousness, but I refrain from calling it "Green" because I do not want it categorized as such. All Architecture must be environmentally conscious.

The FoxDen

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Single Family Residence

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Size (sf): 2250 GSF

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