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Drawing inspiration from key trends in luxury, technology, and women’s multi-faceted lives, MOVK evolved the Liz Claiborne positioning to emphasize feminine, functional, confident, timeless, American, dynamic, and casual/comfort. MOVK then translated these qualities into a palette that defines the brand aesthetic while conveying a relaxed, carefree quality. "Quartered gray elm and titanium glass juxtaposed by dark walnut, terrazzo and soft accent colors allow for warm and cool tones and textures to play off one another," explains MOVK principal Victoria Kirk. "The contrast balances sleek modernity with rich sensuality."

Located across from the renowned Liberty department store, the new façade features a modern glazing system while acknowledging the neighborhood context by incorporating anodized bronze mullions into the storefront and upper-floor window planters. The mullions, inspired by the Liberty facade, provide an architectural leitmotif.

"The historical context and traditional detailing of the building proved to be an asset during the design process, both externally and in-store," explains MOVK principal Mark Oller. "The detailing provides a subtle form of differentiation for the product itself, with the second floor retaining traditional cues and the ground floor a modern interpretation of existing details. This juxtaposition of the traditional and the modern lends the space a richness and sense of discovery."

Seeking to entice the younger demographic who frequents Regent Street, the ground floor houses the "Casual" collection. Luminous blue tinted walls, white terrazzo flooring, and sleek, airy fixtures are youthful and contemporary. "Floating" box shelves lined in blue laminate offer additional areas for product display as their repeating linear forms animate the space.

A strong central axis directs customers through the long, narrow space toward the rear of the store where a grand stair and mezzanine create an atrium-like focal point. There, light and texture, hallmarks of MOVK’s designs, refresh and engage the senses. Materials shift establishing a clear transition between one floor and the next, one set of dressing needs and the next. A two story high curved wall of quartered gray elm creates a common link between each floor’s palette.

Upstairs, the polished "Career" collection is signaled through refined materials, historical detailing and residential cues like seating and soft curtains. Soft gold walls surround a terrazzo border and inset carpeting. Vertical gray elm panels provide a neutral yet defined backdrop for garments. The same floating box display system as downstairs has now been lined with soft gold laminates.

Throughout the store, tonal mosaic glass tiles adorn key merchandising areas, lending a sensual, artisan and feminine quality to the space.

"The Regent street store is not a temple," explains Mark Oller. "It is accessible, comfortable and feminine: luxury as defined by ease, comfort and richness of materials."

Liz Claiborne Flagship

European Flagship, London

Photography: ©

Client: Liz Claiborne

Size (sf): 3,000

Cost: $NA

Completed: 2000

Published In: VM+SD

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