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Located on a designated major thoroughfare in a rapidly growing suburban development, this 1,800 car transit facility is part of METRO’s General Mobility Plan (future rail system). This facility’s image is about technology, movement, travel, and sense of place. The shelter’s structure has three roof segments, two of which are rotated gently in a welcoming gesture to travelers. The central roof, a vaulted space frame with translucent teflon coated roof fabric, expresses the entry to the shelter while linking the two lower roofs. At the end of the vault, the vista opens up to a bosque of date palm trees which form the visual terminus of the axis. The structure is illuminated by an integrated up-lighting system which make the structure glow through the glass fascias and translucent roofs at night .

Mission Bend Park & Ride

Houston, Texas

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Awards: TSA Design Award

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