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Planned as a haven for a young family living in an uninspiring suburban neighborhood, this house focuses inwardly upon an enclosed garden while its living spaces meander about three sides of a shaded half-acre plot. The clients' specifically asked that the living, dining, kitchen and breakfast spaces come together as a single, wide, spacious room at its core. A stone fireplace, its hearth visible from the kitchen, stands at one side. Their moderately sloping ground permitted varying floor levels which contribute dramatically to the experience of the house. Her studio above the garage looks over the inner garden and takes in the steady north light.

Somewhat in the Shingle Style, this house was not to be an historical replication, but rather an update of a legitimate, though now outmoded architectural expression. Its energetic interior space may be felt in its exterior elevations which feature the exposed rafter and beam ends characteristic of the Shingle Style in its California variant. The warmth and friendliness of wood permeate the entire scheme. Ceilings are made of grooved cedar plywood, with rafters and beams of structural Douglas fir, redwood trim is continuous inside and out. The house embodies the new architectural significance of space within a cloak of graduated cedar shingles.

A Shingle Style Update

Sonoma County, California

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Completed: 1998

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