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An unusual and intriguing design, utilizing regional desert materials to create a visually stunning and welcoming presence.

The sinuous curves of the exterior walls seem as if shaped by the wind, blown around like a scarf to protect from the elements...

This modern interpretation of a desert Territorial style house has three massive 'Viga Posts' inverted and leaning out like big towering trees framing the entry. These support three large round canopies above that protrude out over the entry below by 20', creating a sheltering shadow from the incredible desert sun and protecting the beautiful mesquite wood entry door, as well as the visitor, from the heat. This umbrella effect is akin to the sheltering created by lilly pads, floating in the cool water of a pond ...

The floor plan is a collision of sweeping curves, spinning off from the central core entry foyer. The S-curved ceilings in the Great Room as well as the Formal Living Room sweep up to frame the distant views.

The Master Bed room is tucked away very privately at the end of the bedroom wing. It has a large 8' Mesquite Door; as if to enter the 'Great Chambers'...inside the MBR has a solid built-in fire place, a large bed room area with a vaulted ceiling providing distant mountain views and a fully walk around route through the master bath, large walk in closet, entry way and back to the master room.

At the other end of the house is a spacious Guest Suite, full size laundry and 3-car garage.

The Dining Room is egg shaped with vaulted ceiling and exterior Latillas for shade and Bougainvillea plants.

LillyPad House

Scottsdale, Arizona

Curvacious, modern interpretation of SW desert regionalism.

Photography: ©

Client: witheld at request

Size (sf): 4000 sf

Cost: $$950,000

Completed: 1999

Published In: Phoenix Home Book

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