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This Modern Residence is perched on the edge of a steep mountain Located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. There is a 3 car garage and a 3 stop, round Elevator to a roof top deck overlooking desert canyons and city vistas below. Intriguing geometry and sleek finishes complement this wonderful Architectural design. A round, 2 story Dining rm. engaged into the exposed 'schist' rock creates a stunning rock outcropping right into the room, and above, an interior balcony off the MBR looks over this space and up the mountain to the jagged rocky peaks high above. Two, 2-way custom fireplaces create inside/outside fire effects and a second level bridgewalk creates drama and privacy upstairs. There are two offices in addition to the three bedrooms. A concrete support tube has a stainless steel spiral wrap and is topped by a three pronged bent steel tripod tube supporting the upper private office as it thrusts out over the mountain edge, creating a stunning, precipitous, effect. Interior finishes consist of polished conc. floors, exposed steel beams, ground face cmu walls and lavish accents of cherry, leather and other natural materials. Lighting is very theatrical low voltage and designed to complement the art works and paintings throughout. This home looks perfectly natural sitting in such a rugged desert setting...

Majestic Mountain Perch

Paradise Valley, Arizona

3700 sf Modern Residence W/ 3 car gar + 3 stop Elevator

Photography: ©

Client: Cohn

Size (sf): 3700 sf

Cost: $1 mil

Completed: 2002

Published In: Phoenix Home Book

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