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The ultimate goals of West Group are to improve productivity, employee retention and recruitment. In addition to office space, cafeterias, training and meeting rooms, a bank, a travel agency and a variety of exterior amenities are being added for employee convenience.

The West Group’s 1,200,000 sf facility was divided into three (3) areas each having its own vibrant and interesting palette. By using a combination of colors, forms and curves, we are providing an interesting and provocative environment that begins to define landmarks and local identity, suggest excitement, creativity and movement.

Stronger architectural forms and colors have a dialogue with the existing building shell, help to define hierarchies and indicate paths of travel (streets) or important destinations (town squares or neighborhoods). Curved shapes begin to suggest “coming together,” “sharing of ideas.” Different districts have subtly different palette changes. Wall finishes at selected areas reinforce zones, neighborhoods and locales. The repetition of different specific graphic shapes -- at an elevator lobby for instance -- reinforces that place and that function.

West Group

Eagan, Minnesota

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