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The Challenge of Good Design

Much like the game itself, designing a golf course is a process of evaluating obstacles and implementing a winning strategy. Finding imaginative solutions to the many factors that could compromise the end result presents the greatest challenge. The creative process synthesizes everything from space and budget limitations to soil types and weather patterns.

Creating a Sense of Place

Designing a golf course from the ground up is the most thrilling and gratifying work we do. Establishing unique personality and presence meets the goal of giving each golf course its own sense of place. We want golfers to experience both a fair and exciting game of golf.

The Lay of The Land

At Andy Johnson Design, each project begins with a thorough assessment of all aspects of golf course design, from engineering to aesthetics, from public relations to profit margins. Listening carefully to our client's needs, we check them against our practical experience to create designs that work from the perspectives of both management and the golfer. We strive to create golf courses that fit the character and needs of the community as well as the lay of the land. Ultimately, it is the golfer's overall experience that will be the judge of a well-designed course. Andy Johnson Design looks forward to creating courses that golfers will enjoy for years to come.

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