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The premise of this project is to expand an existing, two story elementary school, built in 1926, into a Magnet Middle School. Located in the inner city, this U-shaped, Spanish Style school will specialize in the Performing Arts with the intention of attracting students from the entire county. Based loosely on the concept of mirroring the existing U-shaped form, the new and existing buildings will form a large courtyard.

Orange Grove Magnet Middle School

Tampa, Florida


Photography: ©

Client: Hillsborough County School Board

Size (sf): 43,000

Cost: $6,100,000

Completed: 1999

Awards: 2002 Exhibition of School Architects-National School Board Association Conference, 2002 The Planning Commission Community Design Award of Excellence for Institutional Projects, 2001 FEFPA Arch. Showcase, 1999 ASU Outstanding Middle School

Published In: ASU's 1999 Architectural Portfolio

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