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This Cardio-Vascular Surgical Suite includes two operating rooms with support spaces. The area is an extension of an existing Surgical Suite and is interconnected with a new Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, constructed at the same time. The project was built within an unfinished area of an existing structure.

The operating rooms are specifically designed to accommodate the functional and equipment requirements of open heart surgery. One of the project goals was the elimination of equipment cords on the floor. Through careful analysis of traffic patterns during surgery, ceiling mounted gas columns were strategically located to achieve this criterion. A state-of-the-art HVAC system provides a clean, filtered curtain of air around the table while providing air temperatures as low as 60 degrees F as required for open heart surgery. Durable floor and wall surfaces in light, warm colors were used throughout to provide a working environment which is both functional and pleasant.

Rockford Memorial Open Heart Surgery Suite

Rockford, Illinois

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