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Joseph M. Marcial, Architect

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The Architect is the only professional in the construction industry that is traditionally a generalist. Today he is becoming a specialist. This modern trend notwithstanding, no architect worth his salt, from Thomas Jefferson to Frank Lloyd Wright, has ever been a specialist. If Architecture is to be harmonious with Being and characterized by Unity it must be conceived as a whole. The Architect can only serve his client to the maximum by offering him comprehensive services, not a fractionalized collection of specialties. The effect of the spaces of such a building on the client and on the people who use his building will be both salutary and life enhancing. Interior design, landscaping, furniture design, lighting, structure, are all an integral part of the design; the whole related to its parts. Architecture so conceived raises the consciousness levels of indwellers and users.

How do I qualify for providing this meaningful service? First, I had to study with an Architect who was characterized as having ushered in the third major shift in architectural thinking in the history of western civilization, namely, Frank Lloyd Wright. Then I had to gain experience. I worked in construction and design on buildings of many types both in and outside the U.S. Finally, I had to become licensed. (I am currently registered to practice in three U.S. jurisdictions: Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico). Even more than meeting these physical requirements, I had to evolve architecturally and personally. The reader can see a glimpse of this metamorphosis by consulting an essay I wrote entitled, The Practice of Organic Architecture. It was published as the Afterword in “A Taliesin Legacy: The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Apprentices” by Tobias S. Guggenheimer, Van Nostrand Reinhold Publishing Co., New York, 1995. ISBN 0-442-01879-7. Get it, read it, then call me.

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