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Colangelo Associates Architects, established in 1979, is a design oriented firm with extensive experience in the design and construction of custom homes, corporate offices and retail spaces. Vincent Colangelo, R.A., its founder is an N.C.A.R.B. certified professional and has obtained licenses to practice architecture in 46 of the United States.

Colangelo Associates has developed a strong reputation in the field of "Design Management." Using this approach, we have been able to represent our client's interests from land acquisition through design and construction and final occupancy. In this way, our clients are able to achieve their goals through the use of a single source of communication.

Our philosophy begins with the belief that the relationship of structure and site is the most critical decision, both economically and esthetically. Our staff is comprised of licensed professionals who are thoroughly versed in the areas of landscape design, structural analysis and construction technology.

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