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After over 25 years of design and construction experience, I have developed a certain philosophy regarding homes and how they might be built or altered.

This philosophy is largely based on CONTEXT and an effort to blend or complement any existing or neighboring style. For new work, I take an eclectic approach, being comfortable in mixing style elements or reproducing prior standards. CREATIVITY is always fundamental.

The homes that I enjoy most are those that reflect the occupants' lifestyles and personalities. My goal as an architect is to help you translate YOUR needs, desires and emotions into a home that is practical, liveable, secure and beautiful. I work to form a partnership with my clients and strive to find a COMMON VOICE with them and their property as it relates to issues such as design, style, function and aesthetics.

I have been involved in the design of new and renovated homes for 27 years and I have made it the focal point of my practice since 1980. I offer detailed design and planning services that can include everything from initial designs to advice on the many selections and trades involved in the process of crafting a beautiful home.

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