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Shubin + Donaldson Architects, Inc. is an award winning California design firm based in both Culver City and Santa Barbara. Both partners are personally and intimately involved in each project they take on. Shubin + Donaldson does not approach projects with an assumed architectural style. Instead we listen to each clients needs and wishes and distinguish ways of achieving the clients goals particular to each project. Responding to our clients needs and concerns is as important to us as the built result of our collaboration with the client.

Shubin + Donaldson uses computers throughtout the design process from the beginning design developement to the construction document phases. The computer serves an integral process in how we work and communicate are designs to clients and related consultants alike. Through computer modeling and video animation, our clients are able to see and experience the project in a far more real and dynamic sense than possible from traditional and static two-dimensional perspectives and rendering.This allows a much greater degree of communication and facilitates not only our relationship with our clients but ultimately the quality of the built work, making the project a truly collaborative effort.

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