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Our new physical facility master plan for Providence College reflects changing facility and programmatic needs on the 108 acre site. New and renovated buildings, athletic fields, and pedestrian and vehicular circulation more appropriately serve the dynamic Rhode Island academic institution.

To respond to the College's plan for an increased resident student population, construction is being completed on our new 350-bed residence hall which forms the western side of a new “Cultural Quadrangle.” Suites provide 4 or 6 people with living room, kitchenette, and shared toilets, showers, and lavatory. In addition, students enjoy a student lounge which is shared by all residents on the floor, and a large common room located on the entry level.

For residential and commuting students, McPhail’s Pub is the new on-campus venue for student activities and gatherings. Located adjacent to the cafeteria and college bookstore in an existing student center, the facility provides space for dancing, live music, a DJ, coffee bar, seating, pool tables, and cyber café.

Providence College

Providence, Rhode Island

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