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Worcester Medical Center's goal for patient satisfaction is reflected in its design, which improves continuity of medical service, simplifies process activities, places resources appropriately, and increases care-giver and physician effectiveness. Dedicated to providing an integrated, full range of healthcare services in a first-class physical environment, the Center is planned around specialty service or product lines radiating from a dramatic atrium. Each product line includes the group practice, diagnostic and treatment functions, and inpatient beds.

As patients and visitors enter the Center, interior views of the building are across a spacious, lushly landscaped atrium. From the atrium, major circulation and clinical areas open, and dining and other commercial activities are arrayed.

The design team worked closely with the City's Redevelopment Authority and neighborhood community groups. Among design challenges was an active freight railway line passing through the center of the site. Now enclosed in a tunnel that isolates train noise and vibration, the rail line divides the Center from its five-level parking structure.

Worcester Medical Center

Worcester, Massachusetts

Vertically Integrated 299 bed Inpatient and Outpatient facility

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Client: Tenet / St. Vincent Hospital, LLC

Size (sf): 778,000

Completed: 2000

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