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Volume Zero Architectural Design Studio is the husband-and-wife design firm of Michael Cajski and Van Tran.

We are both graduates of the Tulane University School of Architecture. We opened our firm in 1996 after having served as apprentices at various architectural firms in Hawaii and Louisiana.

We take pride in our work and enjoy immersing ourselves in challenging projects. We consider our work to be a craft, and we look for clients who appreciate quality in design and construction. As designers we strive for simplicity, expressive detail, and sensitivity to the project site. We do not allow style to define or limit our work.

We also see ourselves as part of a team effort wherein we as architects coordinate the unique perspectives and skills of owners, contractors, and other professionals into a cohesive project. Our goal in every project is to engage in a thoroughly professional process with a top-quality project team to create a work of excellence.

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