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Lake House

This unique home combines the architectural element of Southern Farm Houses with Adirondak Cabins to create a style all its own which reflects the desires and personality of its owners, looking for a quiet refuge from life in the spotlight. When it comes time to play, this house delivers with features such as a swimming pool incorporated in to the foundation system and a private dock for access to boating, skiing and fishing. When its time to relax, a button reveals a hidden hot tub, or dinner can be cooked on the deck's built-in grill, and a view is always available on three levels of porches and balconies facing three sides of the house for a variety of setting.

Despite the size and amenities of this house, its use of natural materials such as the stone foundation, shingle walls and sturdy seam metal roof help it to nestle into the hillside as if it had always been there.

Lake House

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