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This house is located on a 2 acre suburban lot and is the 3rd house that the owners have had designed by Scott Wilson. With the 2 previous homes receiving offers of substantial profit, the owners sold and moved up to a bigger and better home each time, but this time the owners are vowing to stay put. The home is locate on a corner lot and draws inspiration from French Chateaux Architecture for its exterior with elements such as the glass corner stair tower, steep roof and multiple balconies. The floating stair is a focal point outside at night when the house is lit and becomes a backdrop during the day for a grand piano which was a Christmas gift.

Beyond the front door, the spaces are open and large enough to hold the large immediate family for holidays as well as for entertaining. The use of interior columns, floor and ceiling changes keep the spaces intimate when just the family is home. The L shape plan provides privacy in the back yard and the house takes full advantage. The Family Room has access to an open terrace and a covered terrace that is also accessible from the Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Study. The covered terrace has plenty of room for entertaining and dining and has an outdoor fireplace to warm up a crisp fall evening. The second floor bedrooms each have special feature such as a balcony or window seat and with 3 separate stairs, all are easy to get to.

With all the emphasis on grandeur, the little things have been thought out as well. The rear entry has a special locker area for coats, dirty shoes and backpacks with its own Power Room and direct access to the laundry Room complete with hobby areas, sewing table and computer desk for homework, all right off the Kitchen so Mom can oversee the activities of all 3 children and 2 dogs.


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