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Program: Conversion to a mixed-use of residential 1,700sf rental apartments & commercial space.

The approach is one of a dialogue between the existing building and the new renovation work; the old is revealed and seen as a receptacle for the new components. The new interiors are modern in form and details, while the exterior remains mostly as a plain “classical eclectic” style that it was.

This project offered a unique opportunity in Columbus for several reasons: the location of residential units in the heart of downtown; the recovering and re-design of an existing building rather than a new development; and the lifestyle that large newly renovated loft apartments with substantial openness, flexibility, natural light and views of the cityscape provide.

Columbus Loft Building

Columbus, Ohio

3-story 1920’s Commercial Building Renovation

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Published In: Columbus Monthly; ‘The 20 Best Neighborhoods’. Oct. 1998

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