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HarleyEllis is the lead architect in charge of designing a new 2-story addition to the existing United States Clark R. Bavin National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory. The planned project is an expansion that will include an additional 37,000 square feet of laboratory, storage, and office space to supplement the existing 23,000 square-foot crime laboratory facility.

Some of the existing space will be rehabilitated in order to modify the existing criminalistics laboratory for DNA analysis and to convert the HVAC controls to an electronic system.

The Clark R. Bavin Laboratory was originally designed to meet the forensic needs of wildlife law enforcement agencies from around the world. The mission of the Laboratory is to develop court-acceptable wildlife parts-and products identification protocols and to analyze evidence submitted by federal, state, and international wildlife investigators. In order to perform its mission, the Laboratory integrates the expertise of wildlife and police forensic science disciplines including morphology, DNA analysis, analytical chemistry, criminalistics, and pathology. The Clark R. Bavin Laboratory is the only comprehensive full-service wildlife crime laboratory in the world.

Clark R. Bavin National Forensic Laboratory

Ashland, Oregon

Forensic Laboratory

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Client: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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